Word of Life
John and Alysse Stravolpoulos
South Africa ** Kyle Paradis
Estonia ** Mihai and Ana Laura Bucur
Argentina ** Dr. Javier and Laura Tapia
Korea ** Peter and Miriam Chae
Canada ** Barry and Amy Speck

Baptist International Missions Inc.
Trinidad ** Coco Chan
Russia ** Sarah Sager
American Samoan Islands ** Jim and Emiliana Civale
Mexico ** Jorge' and Aimee Rodriguez
Malowi, Africa ** Mark Logan
Kenya, Africa ** Eric and Lori Bohman
Estonia ** Rob and Angela Willoughby
Australia ** Patrick & Jen Bauer

Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples
Canada ** James and Ruth Bianchi
Mexico ** Will & Cindy Klassen

New Tribes Missions of Canada
Philippines ** Kevin and Stella Stroud-Lusk
John and Alysse Stravopoulos

Canada ** Rebekah Abbott
Josh Walsh

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
South Africa ** Bryant and Sharon Crane
Traver and Amy Freeman

Harvester's Baptist Church, London Ontario
Philippines ** Richard and Thelma Bitun

Eglise Baptiste de St-Augustin
Quebec City, Canada ** Guillaume and Cristina Roy

Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers

Macedonia World Baptist Missions:
West Indies ** Patrick & Kami Gimenez

World Team:
Cambodia ** Victor & Carole Hartsfield

To contact any missionary, please go through the church office. Thanks

Missions Board Members

Chairman ------------
Secretary ------------
Internet Contact ------ Georgie Wisbey


Tom and Georgie Wisbey
Carol Bowerman
Jochem and Brenda Korten
Bill and Cindy Sauer
Ann and Bob Sharp
Helen and Mike Giovenazzo

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